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    Eusebius, Historia ecclesiastica, 1, 1

    Die ersten Sätze der von Kirsopp Lake für die Loeb-Reihe gegebenen Übersetzung lauten:

    "I have purposed to record in writing the successions of the sacred apostles, covering the period stretching from our Saviour to ourselves; the number and character of the transactions recorded in the history of the Church; the number of those who were distinguished in her government and leadership in the provinces of greatest fame, the number of those who in each generation were the ambassadors of the word of God either by speech or pen; the names, the number and the age of those, who, driven by the desire of innovation to an extremity of error, have heralded themselves as the introducers of Knowledge, falsely so-called, ravaging the flock of Christ unsparingly, like grim wolves. To this I will add the fate which has beset the whole nation of the Jews from the moment of their plot against our Saviour; moreover, the number and nature and times of the wars waged by the heathen against the divine word and the character of those who, for its sake, passed from time to time through the contest of blood and torture; furthermore the martyrdoms of our own time, and the gracious and favouring help of our Saviour in them all."

    Etwas später spricht Eusebius von den Menschen, die denselben Weg gegangen seien "wie wir". Was kann man von ihnen noch finden? Ihre Stimmen würden sich wie ferne Feuerzeichen erheben, aus der Vorzeit zurufen, Weisungen geben:

    "We have therefore collected from their scattered memoirs all that we think will be useful for the present subject, and have brought together the utterances of the ancient writers themselves that are appropriate to it, culling, as it were, the flowers of intellectual fields."
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