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    Lactantius, Divinae institutiones, 1, 20

    Lactantius, Divinae institutiones, 6, 20

    Im 6. Buch seiner Göttlichen Unterweisungen (Lact. inst. 6, 20) richtet sich Laktanz gegen die grenzenlosen Freuden der fünf Sinne, die den Menschen vom Weg der Tugend abbringen. Die Freuden der Augen beispielsweise sind vielfältig – den grössten Ansporn zum Laster aber geben die öffentlichen Spiele!

    In der englischen Übersetzung hört sich Laktanz' Protest folgendermassen an:

    "(...) though, since they are the greatest incitement to vices, and have a most powerful tendency to corrupt our minds, they ought to be taken away from us; for they not only contribute in no respect to a happy life, but even inflict the greatest injury. For he who reckons it a pleasure, that a man, though justly commended, should be slain in his sight, pollutes his conscience as much as if he should become a spectator and a sharer of a homicide which is secretly committed. And yet they call these sports in which human blood is shed. So far has the feeling of humanity departed from the men, that when they destroy the lives of men, they think that they are amusing themselves with sport, being more guilty than all those whose blood-shedding they esteem a pleasure."
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