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    Ma, Antiochos III, 2

    Culte pour Laodice V

    Décret, Sardes, 213 av. J.-C.
    "Queen Laodike to the council and the people of the Sardians, greetings Metrodoros, Metrophanes, Sokrates, your ambassadors, have handed over the decree, according to which you have decreed to consecrate a sacred enclosure called Laodikeion and to establish an altar and to organize a ceremony (panegyris) called Laodikeia, each year, on the fifteenth of Hyperberetaios and to carry out a procession and a sacrifice to Zeus Genethlios for the safety of our brother, King Antiochos, of us, and of our children. […]."
    J. Ma, Antiochos III and the Cities of Western Asia Minor, Oxford, 1999, p. 202-203 et n° 2 (Sardes).
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