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    Inschrift des Junius-Bassus-Sarkophags

    [hic mo]derans plebem patriae sedemque se[natu]
    He, governing the people of his
    native land and the senate house,
    [ur]bis perpetuas occidit ad lacrimas. Died to the perpetual tears of the city.
    [nec l]icuit famulis domini gestare feretrum, Nor was it permitted to the servants of the lord to carry the bier,
    [c]ertantis populi sed fuit illud onus. But that was the burden of the striving people.
    [fle]vit turba omnis, matres puerique senesque, All crowd wept - mothers and boys and old men,
    [fle]vit et abiectis tunc pius ordo togis. And then the pious order [of senators] in their saddened togas wept.
    [flere vide]bantur tunc et fastigia Romae, Then even the roofs of Rome seemed to weep,
    [ipsaque tun]c gemitus edere tecta viae. And then the houses themselves along the way (seemed) to give forth sighs.
    [cedite sublim]as spirantum cedite honores, Grant the highest (honors) of those who live, grant honors;
    [celsus est culmen] mors quod huic tribuit. Lofty is the height that death has assigned to him.
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