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    Die Kultur der Oberschichten

    Peter Brown schreibt über die Kultur der Oberschichten:

    "Two features of this new upper class are worth emphasizing. First, alongside much blatant careerism, there was a genuine striving to create an élite. The classical culture of Late Antiquity was like a high-pitched pyramide: it strained at an 'aristocratization', at producing men 'raised by habitual discipline above the common mass of mankind'. Men sought, by studiously absorbing classical standards of literature and by modelling their behaviour on the ancient heroes, a stability, a certainty which they could no longer find in unselfconscious participation in a traditional way of life. ... Secondly, no matter how high the pyramid might be pitched, it was always open at the base."

    The World of Late Antiquity. AD 150–750 (1971), 32.
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